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From the Navigation Station:


January 2010 marks the sixth anniversary of the Black Chicago Sailors' web site.

Since our inception, we have had over 7000 visitors, like yourself from all over the US and abroad.

It is one of our goals to keep this site current with updated information.

Our "Sailors" section is updated on an annual basis. If there are captains you don't see listed, please feel free to contact us at:


Mise en Place Places First!
Paul Thompson III on Mise en Place won a 5th in the Cruising ! Section on his 2nd Mac!
 BCS Cover Chicago Defender  Bill Pinkney's New Book
 BCS on Cable TV  Live Fire Drills on Lake Michigan
 Pirate Poster art available  BCS - JPYC Yachtsperson of the Year  Captain Charles Hunter
 Captain Jack Lyle Receives Congressional Medal  BCS - Ski Winter Park , CO  Boyd Jarrell Places 3rd
 Pinkney Receives Lifetime Acheivement Award  2008 Mac Race and News Release  Stan Hill - CYA Officer
 QuickTime® Movies  David Ward - MORF Captain
 Eunice Jackson Lyle - Yachtman of the Year '06
Alpha Ray Thompson - Yachtsman of the Year '05





























Mise En Place Places First in 2010 Bi-State Race (with a Twist)

Captain Paul Thompson III and his crew Boyd Jarrell, Brian Grove, Ken Harris, Bradford Hickman raced from Chicago to Michigan City and from Michigan City to Chicago Labor Day weekend. The Tri-State Race was

initially to begin Friday night to St. Joseph, Michigan, but was cancelled due to bad weather. The race was modified for Sunday through Monday. Thompson placed 2nd in section and 2nd overall on the way to MC and 1st in section and First Place in his section, Section 5 on the way back...a three flag weekend! and his crew took

Captain Ted Graves of De Da's Toy placed 5th in Section 5 and Captain David Ward of Unknown Lady placed 10th in the Section.
























Paul Thompson III on Mise en Place won a 5th in the Cruising !
Section on his 2nd Mac!



(Above) Captain Paul Thompson III (left) and his crew receiving their Mackinac Race Award

Congratulations to Captain David Ward and his crew on their participation in this years Mac Race!!!!








Captain Charles Hunter Sails His Latest--A Hunter 45'


Captain Charles Hunter - Maude


Captain Alpha Ray Thompson - Alpha Rays


Captain Jack Lyle - Nightwatch II




Captain Pam Rice - Purple Reigns


Captain Alpha Ray Thompson - Alpha Rays

Septt32009 BACK




JPYC's Boyd Jarrell Places 3rd in

the Columbia Yacht Club's

Leukemia Cup Regatta, Single-Handed
























 Two African American Ships Participate in the
100th Chicago - Mackinaw Race from Jackson Park 2008

Captain Ted Graves and crew of DeDa's Toy


Counter clockwise back left: Captain Ted Graves of De Da's Toy, Stan Hill, Marlon Harvey, Johann Hudson, Dennis Hansen and John Hansen
 DeDa's Toy - 31 ft Cal
Left to right: Johann Hudson, Stan Hill and Captain Ted Graves presents the "Red Mount Gay Caps"

Captain David Ward and crew of Unknown Lady

Scott Roberts, Ken Harris, Captain David Ward of Unknown Lady, and Scott Morris, not shown, David Dobbs and Igor.
Captain David Ward, and David Dobbs preparing for departure from JPYC.

Captain Ward's Unknown Lady, a 30 foot Newport


Captain Stan Bailey and crew of Raven

 The Raven and its crew. Captain Stan Bailey at the horseshoe.   Captain Stan Bailey's Raven, a 43 foot Tripp













David Ward is currently Rear Commodore of the Midwest Open Racing Fleet (MORF) in Chicago



Skipper David Ward (Unknown Lady) is MORF Captain of Section 9

Who are we?:  MORF is a voluntary organization of individuals interested in sailboat racing.  MORF is an "on-the-water" organization; we have no club house or shore-side presence.  Our focus is entirely on organizing and running races for small and medium sized racer/cruiser type sail boats.
MORF was founded in 1959.  2008 will be our 50th season.  MORF is a member organization of the following organizations:
· US Sailing - the national governing body of the sport of sailing in the United States.
· Lake Michigan Sail Racing Federation (LMSRF Area III)
· Lake Michigan PHRF (LMPHRF)















 Past JPYC Commodore Stanley Hill is now the new Secretary of the Chicago Yachting Assocation

Stan is skipper of "Simple Justice"






















24" x 30"- Oil

"The Pirate" was commissioned by sailor and past "Yachtsman of The Year" of Jackson Park Yacht Club, Alpha Ray Thompson.The painting, a portrait of Thompson, was unveiled on September 22, 2007. 24 x 36" Framed Posters (right) are available for ONLY $130. Frames are available in Gold, Silver, or Black metal and may vary slightly in style shown. Posters are signed by the artist, Pam Rice. Contact:












Captain Jack Lyle (Skipper of Nightwatch) Recieves the Congressional Medal - 2007

Jack Lyle, back row off center, with Senator Obama to left and Sentor Durbin to right. Photo taken in Washington, DC


On March 29th, 2007. Captain Jack Lyle and other Tuskegee Airmen were recipients of the Congressional Gold Medal in a ceremony in the U.S. Capital Rotunda. The Congressional Medal-the highest civilian award bestowed by Congress-had previously been awarded only 133 times in its 230 year history. Jack served as part of the Tuskegee Airmen from 1943 through 1945, flying 26 combat missions from their base in Ramitelli, Italy.

The Tuskegee Airmen were a group of African Americans trained at Tuskegee Institute in Alabama to become fighter pilots during World War II. They became one of the most successful fighter squadrons in American Military history, fighting both the enemy overseas and discrimination at home.

Jack was also honored with an Honorary Degree from Tuskegee University last spring.

Written by Steve Pittman







Solo-circumnavigator Bill Pinkney's new book arrives!


As Long As It Takes is about life, achievement, and sailing. It is about growing up and finding goals; about staying the course and minding the heading, and about arriving at places one had only dreamed about.

This book is about the making of Captain William "Bill" Pinkney, about his friends and family, and about his boats, especially Comittment.

She took him round the world via the five great capes. He was only the 4th of five Americans, and one of 128 individuals to have done so world wide.


Purchase it Today!

Click on the book for link to publisher!













Immediate Past Commodore Stan Hill Interviewed on The News Hour with Jim Lehrer concerning Live-Fire Drills on Lake Michigan















Skippers Enjoy Skiing the Holidays at Winter Park, CO - 2006



JPYC Commodore, Wanda Robertson (Snowboard) "My Tyme II", Angelo Braxton, "My Tyme II"; Alpha Ray Thompson, " Alpha Rays"; Joli Thompson Chandler, "Ketch Yawl Later"; Pam Rice, "Purple Reigns"; Vonnie Nelson, "Alpha Rays"




Summer is more than cruising....Ben Lovely, windsurfs as Alpha Ray Thompson, sails.




Captain Pam Rice - Exhibit 2007

Take a look at the exhibit...

Other links:






Eunice Jackson-Lyle is Awarded The "Yachtsman of The Year Award - 2006
Flanked by Commodore Stanley Hill and Past Commodore David Dobbs, Eunice Jackson-Lyle receives
Jackson Park Yacht Club's 'Yachtsman of The Year Award' for the 2005 season on January 2006.



In 2005, Alpha Ray Thompson was voted JPYC's "Yachtsman of the Year"
(Jackson Park Yacht Club)

Presented at the Annual Dinner Dance and Awards Banquet by Commodore Stanley Hill(left),

Alpha Ray Thompson (center) with Past Commodore David Dobbs on the right.
January15, 2005
















QuickTime movies of BCS Sailing!

Download NOW - "Sailing with Captain Graves" Produced by Pam Rice



Coming Mar. '07- "Sailing with Captain Jack Lyle"


Feb. '06 - "Sailing with Captain Stan Hill"

Download NOW - Produced by Pam Rice


Captain William "Bill" Pinkney Honored by Chicago Yachting for "Lifetime Achievement"

Captain Bill Pinkney and JPYC Commodore, Stanley Hill. (Right) Commodore Stan Hill, Captain Bill Pinkney and JPYC's Rear Commodore, Mary Avellone.










The 2004 August 27 - 29th weekend issue of the Chicago Defender featured

Captain Ted Graves and Captain Pam Rice on the cover. The story titled"Sea of Love" ,

written by staff writer Karen Pride, also talks about Skippers Alpha Thompson and Stan Bailey.

A reprint is available in the "News" section.


On September the 10th, 2004, Black Chicago Sailors were featured on Cable Station CAN-10.

Host, Gwendolyn Peace, conversed with Captains: Frank Garner, Ted Graves, Yvonne Nelson,

Wanda Robertson, Pam Rice and Alpha Thompson.













May your upcoming season be prosperous and may your sail through it ­­ be smooth.


Pam Rice


Black Chicago Sailors